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All around the world from the metropolitan region of Munich:

No matter which project is at hand, you will be absolutely ready for the international market thanks to our translation and localisation services.

Linguistic Services

We competently transport your business idea to new language areas—whether they are country-specific brand representations for international groups or the localisation of software or website content for local companies.

Technical Services

With edits you will have opted for an experienced, flexible partner that attends to your individual wishes and project details. As our client, you will constantly have a key contact person who supports your project. Our special strength in this case is our outstanding technical experience with regard to all the aspects of the translation of software and website content.


We provide our translation and linguistic services since more than 25 years now to small and medium business as well as international groups in Germany, Europe and the world.

Internationally successful, perfectly networked

At edits, you meet people who delight in the precise formulation of language and country-specific details with fresh enthusiasm every single day. They also very much enjoy broadening their horizons. Since 1993, we have been offering our language services in a quality-driven approach.

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