New language areas

We competently transport your business idea to new language areas—whether they are country-specific brand representations for international groups or the localisation of software or website content for local companies.


We translate your texts whilst like presentations, websites and digital content, manualsand brochures.

Following a detailed analysis, we will form tailored project teams to suit your project. Depending on the scope of your project, the team will consist of one to several translators, proof-readers, and reviewers.

Existing specifications will be precisely observed for the translations. If necessary, we will jointly draft linguistic guidelines with you that are in line with the corporate identity of your company—for instance, tonality concepts, terminology lists, or glossaries.

Continuity is important to us: We make use of special translation memory systems to ensure that all the translations for a company remain constant over a period of decades. These software systems make it easier for the translation team to make use of existing terminology, well-researched expertise, and translations that already exist.


Products need to be adapted in terms of the language and the content for the international market. This clearly extends beyond a mere translation. If we localise an app or digital content for you:

  • we adapt the content in terms of the needs of the specific country,
  • we ensure that the technical and legal specifications are observed,
  • we take account of the special linguistic and cultural features of the specific target region.

Due to the fact that the design of digital content also varies from country to country, the layout and graphics will be adapted in consultation with native speakers. The localised products will be painstakingly tested.

Our work is successful as soon as customers start to use your software throughout the world, can securely find their way around your online store, and can intuitively use your apps.

Editorial services and proofreading

Good texts are our passion. We are, therefore, more than happy to take on editorial tasks and the proofreading of your business texts or digital publications.

Whether you want your company’s presentation material to be stylishly standardised or require a high quality revision of a text that has already been translated—edits is always the ideal partner for your international correspondence.

We do, of course, also proofread all the texts that we translate, and thereby guarantee a constantly high quality standard.


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