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In addition to our superior linguistic services, our strength is the extensive technical expertise accompanying the translation and localisation of software and content. You can rely on it.

Quality assurance

Professional quality assurance is the be-all and end-all to ensure the successful conclusion of a project. We work in accordance with international quality standards. This is because people are not the only ones to make mistakes and typos; software and websites also occasionally produce unexpected errors.

All the texts and applications translated or localised by edits are, therefore, subjected to strict quality controls. All the texts and applications translated or localised by edits are, therefore, subjected to strict quality controls.

In a similar manner to industrious pest controllers, we ensure in comprehensive test phases that all the “bugs” in the software or website are detected and removed. We can also subject external projects to a detailed quality assurance process or an independent subsequent review. All the inspections are documented in the form of detailed error reports.


edits QualiCheck

Following a linguistic quality assurance or the update of documents and files, we offer the QuickQualiCheck.

This check will be accomplished language-independent for all languages by localation experts who have a good sense of linguistic nuances and an excellent eye for spotting inconsistencies in language and formatting.

We can work with most language pairs and compare the translated and formatted target files against the source files.

We will check for language-specific issues (like spelling, character sets, hyphenation, inconsistencies), punctuation, numbers and figures and formatting.


Additional services

  • Glossary and terminology management All of the company-relevant terms are made centrally available to the translators and proofreaders. In this process, the terms are first translated, approved by the client, and then administered, extended, and controlled in the system. The basis for an internationally uniform corporate language is thus laid in a very professional and sustained manner.
  • Multilingual desktop publishing and graphics editing When we have translated your project, we will also be happy to take on the desktop publishing, layout, graphics, and typesetting services for you. In this way, at the end of the process you also obtain the print-ready results in addition to the digital content.
  • Multimedia localisation projects If your project comprises texts, images, sound, video, language, and animation, we recommend you receive comprehensive consultancy prior to the localisation of your application. Potential pitfalls can thus be ironed out at an early stage and at minimum cost. During the implementation, we make use of graphic designers, narrators, sound studios, and programmers who can guarantee a trouble-free project sequence thanks to their comprehensive experience.


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